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The Audit Podcast

Dec 21, 2021

Terry O'Daniel, Director of Engineering (Risk & Compliance) at Instacart, joins us to talk about his unique management style. On the show, Terry discusses the biggest pain working with IA, lessons he has learned from working in a high growth tech company, and the cost to audit versus the cost to comply.

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Dec 14, 2021

This week on The Audit Podcast we are hitting the highlight reel to share some of the best moments from the show. Our guests share insights about their careers, management skills, book recommendations, or just about audit in general.

We showcased our wide variety of guests including: Amanda White, Julio Tirado, Jason...

Dec 8, 2021

Previously recorded in The Audit Room on Clubhouse co-hosted with Tracie Marquardt and Trent Russell.
Special thanks to Stephen Coppolino for being our guest!
Join Tracie and Trent live every Tuesday to listen in or ask your questions.
6 pm Berlin
12 pm New York
11 am...

Dec 7, 2021

This week on the podcast, we’ve collected our favorite moments from the show’s most recent episodes. We showcased our wide variety of guests including: Gayle Rudman, Larry Harrington, Alex Sidorenko, David Vose, Danny Goldberg, Robin Hunt, Spencer Sheehan, Janine Wolman, Mario Kodrata, and Raven Catlin

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Dec 1, 2021

Robert Nordlander joins the show to share his experience as a forensic accountant. As a former special agent with 20 years of experience, Robert now runs a boutique forensic accounting and tax resolution firm, and he is the Host of the Fraud Fighter Podcast. On The Audit Podcast, he walks us through a typical fraud...