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The Audit Podcast

Sep 29, 2020

Host of the Jamming with Jason podcast and CEO of cRisk Academy, Jason Mefford joins the show. With no schedule or agenda, we hit the record button and let it fly.


If you're talking to Jason then you're going to hear about the importance of relationships in the audit profession and if you're talking to me then you're...

Sep 22, 2020

Internal Audit Manager from Holman Enterprises, Eric Score, is talking all about analytics (and a little RPA). If you’re coming on the show and talking analytics, then we’re going to talk use cases every time so we definitely have a few of those.

We also talk about how to use data to prep for the kickoff meeting and...

Sep 15, 2020

SOX and Internal Audit Senior Director, Adda Grace Power talks about being a people leader while going digital. The backdrop of this episode is about going digital, but the leadership advice Adda Grace gives throughout the show is what's worth sticking around for.


Although you can't see it, Adda Grace rolling her eyes...

Sep 8, 2020

IT Audit Assistant Director, Carol Rapps talks about user access from her experience of 30+ years in information security and IT audit. She also talks about actual advice on getting the audit report issued at a much faster clip.


Carol also gives a shout-out to future guest of The Audit Podcast, Margie Bastolla and...

Sep 1, 2020

President of The Whole Person Project, Ann Butera talks about where and how to gain efficiencies in the audit process, actual tactics for prioritizing, and some techniques for curbing stress and anxiety in our daily audit work.


On the show we mention Ann's book, Mastering the Five Tiers of Audit Competency, but also...