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The Audit Podcast

Apr 27, 2021

Former President and CEO of the IIA and current Founder of Richard F. Chambers & Associates, Richard Chambers joins the show to talk about the biggest risk to the profession and how we can continue to get better.


Richard also shares the elevator pitch for Internal Audit that we can all model, what he's seeing Internal Auditors in Silicon Valley doing, the impact on culture and talent management as we start to go back to the office, and his thoughts on data analytics in the profession.


Links from the show include Richard's latest book Agents of Change, the 2021 OnRisk report, and his blog post Five Goals for My Next Chapter on The Audit Trail.


Be sure to also check out Richard's website for his weekly blog series Chambers on Internal Audit for more.


Be sure check out my favorite part of the interview on The Audit Podcast YouTube channel

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