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The Audit Podcast

Mar 23, 2021

Europe's Leading Internal Audit Communication Consultant, Tracie Marquardt joins the show to share her sixteen years of expertise in coaching communication.


Tracie walks us through the need for a good relationship in order to issue a good audit report, how to agile your communication, and gives away actionable takeaways on how to influence (for more on agiling your audit communication be sure to attend Tracie's webinar this week).


Lastly, Tracie talks about the TDF program that she teaches  to internal audit teams and how the program made the single biggest impact on her career (shoot Tracie an email at to get your team culture peaking).


For more, be sure to connect with Tracie on LinkedIn and check out her website for other training programs.




Also, be sure check out my favorite part of the interview on The Audit Podcast YouTube channel.

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