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The Audit Podcast

Mar 9, 2021

Sr. Director of Risk Management and Internal Audit at Cable ONE, Michelle Bennett is here to talk about Risk Management and tell her story about taking on the Internal Audit department as well.


Michelle talks about how she got up to speed on Internal Audit after taking it over, the difference between Risk Management and Internal Audit, and what it means to have grace in a relationship with our auditees.


Michelle also mentions the CAE Forum facilitated by Jason Mefford and Hal Garyn as being a huge advantage when she became the leader of the Cable ONE IA department.


Also, please check out the Be Like Josh foundation that Michelle mentions on the show (I'll for sure be wearing my Be Like Josh t-shirt in future episodes). From their website, "The Be Like Josh foundation is a non profit organization dedicated to celebrating humans and animals with special needs. Our foundation helps to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home dogs with special abilities, and we visit elementary and high schools to promote kindness and inclusion."


Be sure check out my favorite part of the interview on The Audit Podcast YouTube channel.

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