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The Audit Podcast

Feb 9, 2021

Top 10 Internal Audit Thought Leader of 2020 and Managing Director of Audit Executive Advisory Services, Hal Garyn joins the show to provide his expert opinion on a wide range of audit and leadership topics.


 A timely topic, Hal discusses what audit leaders need to be doing right now to help their organizations think through their approach in coming back to the office. Hal also talks about how audit leaders have become more tactical and less strategic which has led to unintended complacency. How do we fix that? Hal shares some actionable advice on exactly how.


During the show Hal pushes for Internal Audit to think through incorporating agile into their audit process and recommends the Agile Auditing: Best Practices for an EASY Transition webinar as a great place to start.


Although not discussed on the show, be sure to check out the top read article he wrote on - Death of the Audit Report: It's Time to Reconsider How to Convery Internal Audit Findings.


Lastly, Hal is prolific on LinkedIn and is a fantastic audit resource to follow so be sure to follow Hal on LinkedIn for more insight.


Also, check out my favorite part of the interview on The Audit Podcast YouTube channel

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